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    Spread More Smiles donates proceeds from every sale to Partners in Smiles.

    When you smile with us, you're passing on your goodness and generosity to our Partners in Smiles. They each vary in their purpose yet they all share a common goal, which is to brighten smiles all over the world.

    Whether you're empowering a young girl born in poverty, shining solar light and love to families living in impoverished communities, helping to end violence in war-torn countries, or even stopping an innocent animal from suffering, you're contributing to make our world a brighter place with the power of your golden smile.

    Every design is created for the purpose of strengthening our human connection, unifying positive change and spreading more goodness around the globe.

    It all starts with a smile.




    Spread more smiles and help support the WE movement.

    WE CHARITY empowers young people to remove barriers that prevent them from being active local and global citizens. They work to create a sustainable impact through domestic programs like WE Schools and internationally through WE Villages. They’re transforming our world by providing education, water, health, food, and entrepreneurial opportunities in communities where there is a high incidence of child labor, exploitation of children and minimal opportunities for the girl child. Together, WE change the world.

    *WE Charity, formerly known as Free The Children, is a worldwide development charity and youth empowerment movement founded in 1995 based in Toronto, Canada.


    Shop Spread more smiles, Positive Influencer unisex tee.

    Shop our, "Positive Influencer" unisex tee and bring people together and give them the tools to change the world.

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    Spread More Smiles and support Peace Direct.

    Peace Direct works to change the everyday life of violence in war-torn countries. They help prevent wars through direct support with local activists in an effort to build long term peace. Their projects include rebuilding lives, strengthening communities, helping women achieve rights and providing homes, jobs, stability and hope for thousands whose lives had been destroyed by war and conflict.

    Peace Direct is a Registered Charity in the UK, Number 1123241. (offices in LA and NYC).

    Shop spread more smiles Peace begins with a smile women's tank.

    Shop our, "Peace Begins With A Smile" women's tank and give women in war torn countries a chance to raise their families in a safe setting.

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    Spread more smiles and support Smile Train.

    Smile Train has been transforming the lives of over a million children living in developing countries by giving them the hope, dignity and the power of a smile. They work to provide comprehensive cleft care to kids born with cleft lip and palate birth defects who would otherwise have difficulty eating, breathing, hearing and speaking. Through technology and innovation, they’re able to train local partner surgeons in over 85 countries around the world. Help give children a chance to live their full potential with the power of a confident smile.

    Smile Train is a registered 501(c)(3) organization.

    Shop spread more smiles Show me your smile kids' tee.

    Shop our, "Show Me Your Smile!" kids' tee and give less fortunate children a chance to laugh and play!
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    Spread more smiles and support Grom Nation 
    Grom Nation is a grass-roots NGO in the Philippines that focuses on mentoring youth and motivating them in their education through surfing programs. Grom Nation uses surfing as an incentive to improve school attendance, health, self-esteem and employability. Children who's school attendance is above 90%, and who participate in additional learning opportunities have access to free surf lessons, surfboard rental and other fun incentives. Grom Nation strives to inspire youth in the three R's - respect, responsibility and readiness to learn - making them respected, employable members of the community with more chance of a future free of poverty. They help kids get a SHREDucation!
    Grom Nation is a grass-roots NGO located in Siargao, Philippines.

    Shop our, "Quokka smile" kids tee and give less fortunate children a chance to laugh and play!
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    Spread more smiles and support Life Rolls On.


    On March 25, 1996, Jesse Billauer, a top junior surfer who was about to turn pro, pulled into a barrel during a morning surf session in Malibu, California. He got thrown into a shallow sandbar breaking the sixth vertebrae in his spine instantly causing him to become paraplegic. Jesse charged on with life and founded Life Rolls On to improve the quality of life for young people affected by spinal cord injury. Help Jesse support adaptive surfing and skating events all over the US and inspire others to live life fully through the power of a smile.

    Life Rolls On Foundation achieved 501(c)(3) status in 2002.

     Shop our Good vibes and Genuine smiles unisex tee.

    Shop our, "Good Vibes & Genuine Smiles" tee and and give hope and happiness to individuals affected by spinal cord injuries.
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    Spread more smiles and help support Camp Quality Canada.


    Give children living with cancer a chance to be playful children again! Help them, their siblings, and bereaved siblings affected by cancer experience exciting camping activities in a fun and stress-free environment. Camp Quality Canada is part of an international family of organizations originally founded in Australia devoted to providing free camp experiences while teaching children affected by cancer to do anything, be anything, achieve everything!

    Camp Quality is a registered charitable organization based in Toronto, Canada: Charitable Reg #:  BN13342 3962 RR0001

    Shop spread more smile I'm rubber, you're glue kids' tee.

    Shop our, "I'm rubber, you're glue, whenever you smile at me, I smile back at you" tee and give kids and young adults with cancer a chance to feel like kids again.
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    Spread more smiles and support Go Light Our World.

    Go Light Our World (GLOW) cultivates compassion for our earth and all living beings by providing clean, green solar lighting so that people living in rural, impoverished communities can live a higher quality of life. Health, well-being, and education of families are improved as dangerous, toxic kerosene lanterns are eliminated. Sustainability is accomplished as each country's local solar partners are involved while recipients become financially responsible and aware of the long term solar solutions benefits.

    Go Light Our World is a registered 501(3)c organization that is dedicated to diminishing poverty with solar solutions.

    Shop Spread more smiles, shine on with your bright smile women's tee.

    Shop our, "Shine on with your bright smile!" tee and help impoverished communities improve their quality of life with the gift of solar light.
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    Spread More Smiles and help support Active Minds.

    The suicide of a University of Pennsylvania student named Brian Malmon led his younger sister and founder, Alison, to change the culture on campus. She wanted to combat the stigma of mental illness, encourage students who needed help to seek it early and prevent future tragedies like the one that took her brother’s life. Active Minds has now become the voice of young adult mental health advocacy on college campuses across the nation. Help support the Active Minds UCLA Chapter in spreading awareness and advocating for better mental health care.

    Active Minds was Incorporated as a 501(c)(3) organization in late 2003.

    Spread more smiles in our Smiling is a state of being unisex tee.

    Shop our, "Smiling is a state of being." tee and help support for those who struggle with mental battles.
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    Help support Mercy For Animals and Spread More Smiles


    Our need for a healthy, humane, and sustainable food system is partly why Mercy For Animals is dedicated to preventing cruelty to farm animals and promoting compassionate food choices and policies. MFA believes that we can elevate humanity to its fullest potential and live in a world in which we nurture our bodies, minds, and spirits with wholesome, healthy food that is kind to animals and sustainable for our planet.
    Mercy For Animals is an international non-profit 501(c)(3) organization.
    Shop our Chloe the cow, Why me tho unisex tee.
    Shop our, "Why Me Tho?" Chloe The Cow tee and take a stand against animal cruelty.
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    Spread more smiles and support Shanti Bavan children's project. 


    Empowered children from India’s lowest socioeconomic class are given the gift of education that not only includes literacy, but they also become leaders equipped with integrity, compassion and focus with the mindset of making our world a better place. The Shanti Bhavan Children’s Project teaches students life skills to become responsible citizens through guidance counseling and mentorship programs. They go on to apply the lessons they have learned at by paying it forward to others in need.

    The Shanti Bhavan Children's Project is a U.S. 501 and India 80-G non-profit organisation based in Bangalore, India, that operates a pre-K-12 residential school in Baliganapalli, Tamil Nadu.

    Shop spread more smiles Ice cream for kindness kids' tee.

    Shop our, "I smile, you smile, we all smile for kindness!" ice cream kids tee and help innocent children in India escape a life of poverty that they are born into.
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    Spread more smiles and support the Good Food Institute.
    The Good Food Institute is fundamentally changing the food system, accelerating the shift from industrial animal agriculture to plant-based and clean meat, eggs, and dairy. They’re coming up with breakthrough solutions to transform the food system to create a healthy, humane, and sustainable future of food. Their mission is to produce food in a new and better way while tackling our issues of environmental degradation, global poverty, animal welfare and human health.

    The Good Food Institute is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization. Tax ID 81-0840578.

    Spread more smiles and support the Good Food Institute 

    Shop our three piggies, "Spread more smiles, eat more veggies!"  unisex long sleeve and help create a healthy, sustainable food system.

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    Shop Spread More Smiles Positive Influencer tee and sweatshirt.
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