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    1 : our source of joy and path for a meaningful life


    We believe in achieving happiness by communicating in a language we can all understand; a language that allows us to be ourselves and live life in the present moment; one that clears away negative energy, calms the mind, heals the soul, and is essential to our health, well-being, and longevity. This simple gesture spreads kindness and inspires others to do good, be good, live well. We wish to inspire living a happier, more meaningful life through fulfilling relationships, which can only be accomplished by connecting with others in a meaningful way.


    It all starts with a smile.



    Spread more smiles worldwide.       





    Designed and styled to brighten our world full of smiles

    Each design is created with the purpose of making someone smile. Our designs are specifically made for different humanitarian causes with proceeds donated to each individual charity. Join us in expanding the ripple effect of good will and generosity and help support our select charities, who we call our Partners in Smiles. They each vary in their cause, but they all share one common goal, which is to to spark more smiles and make more people (and animals) happy.





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    Spread more smiles with our Partners in Smiles. 




    Create a spark that lights up your golden smile!

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